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Finland’s finest aggregate heating innovations are available to you from Concrete Batch Solutions, the North American Distributor for Polarmatic. Founded in 1968, Polarmatic has achieved many successes in the world of concrete by not only supplying its systems but contributing its own creations to the concrete community for decades. Some of these technologies include: the first infrared oven for the concrete industry (1975), the first control system for production of warm concrete (1978), and the introduction of the PMC-37 concrete temperature measuring system (1980).

The patented TURBOMATIC™ system, specifically developed for the concrete industry, provides all your cold weather concrete batching requirements – including the melting of ice in the aggregates in seconds, pre-heating and heating of aggregates on a per batch basis in minutes without changing the moisture content, production of all warm water for mixer dosing, heating of batch plant facilities, saddle tank fill stations, washout areas, reclaimers, and all curing media needed for kilns, precast beds, molds and enclosures – all in one single NON-BOILER thermal energy unit. We also have the ability to add a chiller to our unit for cold/ice water production to cool your concrete mix during the hot weather months if applicable.

Due to the TURBOMATIC’s superior heating power it’s possible to produce high quality and consistent concrete at your desired capacity even during the coldest of winters and consequently to achieve increased annual (winter time) concrete production and thus concrete sales. Compared to common air and steam based heating systems, the TURBOMATIC™ is 10x more powerful and can thus be used to produce significantly more concrete during coldest conditions. The TURBOMATIC™ also utilizes a compressor to ensure complete penetration of the high-heat-content TURBOgas into the bins. Heating each bin independently further increases the superior heating power. The ability to reliably and continuously produce warm concrete also means savings in cement usage and cost (through lower cement consumption and/or the possibility to use lower-cost cement types). The TURBOgas does not change the moisture content of the aggregates. Air-based heating systems dry the aggregates too much whereas steam-based systems add too much moisture (in an uncontrolled fashion) and either lower the concrete production rate or destroy the concrete quality (water-to-cement-ratio).

The TURBOMATIC™ also provides significant savings in the fuel consumption (per produced cubic-yard/meter of concrete). The savings can be as high as 60-80% when compared to traditional air or steam based heating systems. The fuel oil or gas consumption of the TURBOMATIC is typically 0.7-1.2 liters/m3 -concrete compared to 2.5-4.5 liters/m3 with air or steam based systems.
 The system is environmentally friendly. It produces the lowest possible gaseous emissions and no wastewater or condensates, chemicals or other wastes whatsoever. The TURBOMATIC’s low NOx-burner technology further reduces its environmental impact.

The fully automatic, PC-operated TURBOMATIC™ is fast, reliable, flexible and easy to operate. The on demand unit only consumes fuel when heat is needed (compared to steam boilers which have to be kept at stand-by at all times and therefore consume huge amounts of fuel even when heat is not needed). The TURBOMATIC™ also provides large warm or cold water storage and provides the lowest possible operational costs as it is not a pressure vessel and does therefore not require any separate or certified operating personnel. There are also no requirements for any annual inspections and due to the lack of a chimney, cleaning is not needed. The TURBOMATIC™ is manufactured utilizing only materials of the highest quality in order to provide the lowest possible maintenance costs.

“Polarmatic offers fast, reliable and environmentally friendly heating solutions with a superior energy efficiency which enables customers to improve the quality of their own processes, products and raw materials and thus to serve their own customers better.”

Polarmatic systems are economically and environmentally optimized to vastly improve your concrete batch plant; they are time-tested with guaranteed reliability, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Concrete Batch Solutions is profoundly knowledgeable of its offered products – find out more about the TURBOMATIC™ today.

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